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A fully interactive collegiate level course, taught by a university level professor, offering students the same curriculum, homework, practicum and professional certification and accreditation that the International TEFL Academy uses in their 4 week classroom based course. This course offers the flexibility of online study with the benefits of peer participation in a virtual classroom setting combined with 20 hours of teaching practice which students can complete at any number of venues in their local area. From day one, students can expect to be fully engaged with the professor and the other students in the course. An excellent option for people who want a quality classroom course in online format.

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This comprehensive course covers the following areas in depth:

•    Pre-Course Grammar Module
•    Basic Principles of Teaching
•    Grammar
•    Resources
•    Reading
•    Listening
•    Writing
•    Speaking
•    Classroom Management
•    Lesson Planning
•    Error Correction
•    Visual Aids 
Pre-Course Grammar chapter 

A thorough overview of grammar from adjectives to compound verbs to gerunds, and more. The Pre-Course Grammar Chapter is sent to students upon registration to begin reviewing important grammar points.

Chapter 1: Role of the Teacher

Reading and tasks on various contexts in which teaching occurs; expectations for teachers on their first day of class; identifying ideas for balancing work ideas and leisure; recognizing traits of an effective teacher; ways to build community in your classroom; examples of how to be a good role model; strategies for maintaining professional relationships during your teaching career; terminology and abbreviations used in the TEFL profession; and effective and ineffective teaching practices.

Chapter 2: Creating a Student-Centered Classroom

Reading and tasks on the student-centered approach and teacher’s roles; autonomous learning, the roles of collaboration and cooperative learning; understanding the Learning Pyramid; experiential learning and examples of useful EFL activities; VARK learning preferences; and activities used for each type of intelligence in Multiple Intelligences.

Chapter 3: Cultural Sensitivity 

Reading and tasks on culture and cultural sensitivity, surface and deep culture; the five barriers to cross-cultural communication; four main cultural dimensions and their implications for the EFL classroom; and culture shock and its stages.

Chapter 4: Methods and Approaches

Reading and tasks on the differences between approach, method, and technique; contemporary and traditional teaching methods; communicative language teaching (CLT); characteristics of the community language learning approach; general procedures used in a silent way classroom; the pillars of Suggestopedia; using Total Physical Response and Total Physical Response Storytelling in a classroom; principles of content-based instruction; and ways to implement cooperative learning, task-based learning, project-based learning, and differentiation.

Chapter 5: Lesson Planning and Assessment

Reading and tasks on the importance of lesson planning and how it relates to instruction; characteristics of an effective lesson plan; producing an effective lesson plan; the foundation behind effective assessment methods; assessment formats and assessment question types; and incorporating the most appropriate type of assessment for all four language skills.

Chapter 6: Grammar and Lexis

Reading and tasks on defining word root, prefix and suffix; categorizing words into parts of speech within the context of a sentence; content words and function words; common phrasal verbs and collocations; phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic understanding; selecting vocabulary words to teach in the ESL/EFL classroom; effective methods of vocabulary instruction; challenges and approaches to teaching idiomatic expressions; simple, complex, compound, and complex-compound sentence types; proper usage of the tense-aspect system and conditionals in English; declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences; challenges that EFL students face with word order; effective methods of grammar instruction; and methods for assessing vocabulary and grammar.

Chapter 7: Listening and Reading

Reading and tasks on how the brain processes listening output; types of listening input; types of listening materials and how to choose them for the classroom; how to tailor listening activities to student level and mental method of processing; ways to set up activities within a listening lesson and sequence of lessons; how the MINUS Approach can be used to structure effective listening; specific techniques for teaching listening skills; how the schema theory impacts ESL/EFL reading activities; common reading strategies that can be taught to ESL/EFL learners; selecting reading materials; intensive and extensive reading skills; types of pre-reading, while reading, and post-reading activities; and ways to assess reading both formally and informally.

Chapter 8: Speaking and Writing

Reading and tasks on the foundation needed for ESL/EFL students to improve their oral and written language production; commonly used classroom speaking activities; the sounds and most common pronunciation rules for English pronunciation and when to incorporate effective pronunciation techniques into ESL/EFL lessons; structuring ESL/EFL writing activities and lessons; and recommended outside resources to improve and expand teacher knowledge, methods, and materials of ESL/EFL speaking and writing.

Chapter 9: Visual Aids and Technology

Reading and tasks on the several benefits of using low-tech visual aids with English language learners; low-tech visual aids and how they can be applied to the ESL/EFL classroom; ways to use the Internet effectively with ESL/EFL students; precautions to consider when assigning Internet-related activities; how blogs and wikis might be used to enhance students’ communication skills; recommendations for effectively integrating video into the ESL/EFL classroom; ways to use songs as a teaching and learning tool; appropriate visual aids for each language skill (reading, writing, listening and speaking); and general criteria to follow when choosing a visual aid.

Chapter 10: Classroom Management

Reading and tasks on the basic concepts and best practices of classroom management; the most common ways to physically arrange a classroom and their implications; ways to establish a presence as a teacher; how to create a successful community of student learners; suggestions for structuring daily lessons; and other student and classroom issues that may arise, and how to approach them.

Thematic Unit

At the end of the course, each student will need to complete a thematic unit. Your thematic unit will cover 3 days worth of lesson planning that you will create. The timeframe of 3 days simulates a typical week of classes for a TEFL/TESOL instructor abroad. The thematic unit is worth a total of 100 points. The Thematic Unit must be completed in order to receive your TEFL/TESOL certificate.

More details can be found under Assignments and Tasks.

Part 2: Young Learners and Business English Additional Chapters

The following 2 units are offered as an optional add-on to the course. You will earn an additional 30 hours of certification at the end of the following 2 units.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and Business English

Subjects covered in this unit are:

•    The history and development of English for Specific purposes (ESP)
•    The rationale behind and methods for conducting needs analyses
•    Major considerations for teaching English for academic purposes (EAP)
•    Sample reading, writing, listening, and speaking tasks that would benefit students in Business English
•    Various online resources available for ESL/EFL instructors within EAP and business English

Young Learners

Subjects covered in this unit are:

•    Differences between teaching young learners and adults
•    Differences in teaching approach to different ages of young learners
•    Examples of best activities for young learners
•    How to teach listening and speaking skills to young learners
•    How to teach reading and writing skills to young learners
•    How best to manage a class of young learners


This dynamic course is accredited by TQUK

International TEFL Academy’s accrediting body, TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) is recognized as a leader in providing vocational and professional qualifications to colleges and private training providers in Education & Training, Social Care, and Health.  Regulated by Ofqual, TQUK enjoys official recognition from the British government as a provider of accreditation and quality assurance for professional training and certification.

All certifications awarded accreditation by TQUK to International TEFL Academy are externally monitored and reviewed by highly qualified experts. In addition, all training centers are visited by an External Verifier, an expert in the field, who assesses the quality procedures and administration prior to awarding accreditation. This ensures that International TEFL Academy TEFL courses and curriculum are thoroughly and personally vetted by independent experts.

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I decided to take the online course through International TEFL Academy in order to begin my career overseas and I love the fact that they have job guidance assistance. I chose International TEFL Academy after talking to my advisor who gave me some great advice and encouragement. He was very prompt in getting in touch with me after my request and I really liked the fact that I didn't get the feeling I was being 'sold'.
- Megan T.
Thank you for helping me fulfill one of my dreams. The International TEFL Academy has exceeded my expectations! The class was very interesting and I feel prepared to teach English abroad. Todd was a great instructor and his assignments continued to hold my interest of living abroad.
- David W
One of the main reasons I chose International TEFL academy was because my advisor told me a lot about how they provide help finding jobs where we want to teach and they help with resumes. I also chose it because of the price and the length of the course. Taking this course has been a wonderful experience. There's nothing I would do to improve the program. Everything was very helpful.
- Rebecca S
International TEFL Academy guided me through my online course and sparked my interest to teach overseas above and beyond! The course assignments are getting me excited to begin teaching English abroad. The assignments on creating lesson plans seem to be very useful.
- Ida V
I loved the idea of living abroad AND having a great career. Teaching English overseas would allow me to explore different countries and cultures while providing an education. As soon as I began the process of looking into teaching abroad, I was able to learn a lot through the information that was provided by International TEFL Academy.
- Jamie S
A trusted friend easily set me up with International TEFL Academy and my online course.
My advice for International TEFL Academy: Keep up the good work!
- Nick L
I’m extremely satisfied with my instructor’s effectiveness in teaching. Her syllabus was clear and outlined all course expectations. She provided an environment in which it is safe to seek help, ask questions, or express opinions. Being able to communicate with other students, get ideas from other students' posts, and get constant feedback really helped me to maximize my learning!
- Kalyn T

International TEFL Academy is one of the world’s largest TEFL certification schools to become professionally trained as an English teacher. ITA trains more than 3,000 English teachers annually and offers internationally accredited TEFL-TESOL certification courses online and in 25 locations around the world. All students and graduates receive lifetime job search guidance and graduates are currently employed as teachers in more than 80 nations in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. 

International TEFL Academy was founded on the premise that language education offers English speakers from all backgrounds the opportunity of a lifetime to experience other cultures and build relationships abroad while providing a worthy service to others. Combining a wealth of expertise and commitment to excellence we provide the finest training and personal guidance to enable students from all walks of life to live their dreams of exploring the world while teaching English. We are committed to complete transparency and integrity in representing who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.


•    All students have a fundamental right to receive instruction from a trained professional teacher.

•    All teachers have a responsibility to their students to provide them with the best possible educational experience, which requires professional-level training. 

•    English language education enables millions of global citizens to enhance their lives by learning English and makes our world a better place by promoting tolerance and mutual understanding through cultural exchange.

•    Teaching English as a Foreign Language provides English speakers from all walks of life with one of the greatest vehicles and most realistic opportunities to live an extraordinary life abroad.


To provide our students with the training and guidance that will enable them to travel the world while teaching English and providing a quality educational experience abroad as a trained English teacher.

The staff at International TEFL Academy work together as a team to achieve one goal: to ensure that our students realize their dreams of going abroad to teach, travel, and explore.  All of our staff members have lived, traveled, and/or taught internationally.  Now, we seek to empower our students to share in the experience of discovering new cultures, exploring the world, and becoming true global citizens while teaching English abroad.

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2.  Enter your details > create a password > click CREATE ACCOUNT.

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Note:  To finish your registration with ITA you must complete the Registration and Terms and Conditions documents which you will receive via email.  Return signed forms by email along with a copy of your photo ID (driver's license or passport preferred).    

Receive an introduction message from an International TEFL Academy advisor. Students will receive their class login and password information by email on the first day of class which will be a Monday at 12 noon Central time.  You will also be emailed a pre-course grammar module to help brush up before the course begins.  You can login and access course materials 24/7 once the class starts.


To successfully complete this TEFL / TESOL certification course, International TEFL Academy requires that each student complete 20 hours of practicum.  These practicum hours allow each student to gain first-hand experience working with real ESL students, whether it is in an actual classroom setting, or by tutoring a non-native speaker privately. 

International TEFL Academy encourages our students to complete these hours while they are still enrolled in the course.   For these reasons, completing the practicum hours during the course allows the student to immediately practice what they are learning in the online class.  They do, however, automatically allow an additional 30 days after the course is finished to complete the practicum hours.

Practicum Locations: Opportunities to complete your practicum can typically be arranged in your community in these types of venues:

•    Community centers
•    Community colleges
•    Language schools
•    Faith based groups that offer ESL classes 
•    Libraries  

It's your responsibility to find a suitable teaching practice venue; however, the International TEFL Academy will guide you during the selection process.


This course is displayed and sold in USD. Your local currency price is displayed in addition to the USD sale price for reference purposes only. There are no additional fees, the displayed price includes all required course materials.  The course fee must be paid in full before receiving course access and instructions.    


This course requires a strong command of both written and spoken English. Non-native English speakers should schedule a free consultation session with one of our advisors.    


The following refund schedule applies to either the original International TEFL Academy course start date or International TEFL Academy course that student transferred into, whichever course starts first. 
Student will receive:

1.    90% of the amount paid when the course is cancelled 31 days or more before the original course start date.
2.    50% of the amount paid when the course is cancelled between 8 and 30 days before the original course start date.
3.    25% of the amount paid when the course is cancelled between 1 and 7 days before the original course start date.
4.    0% of the amount paid when the course is cancelled on the original course start date or any date thereafter. 


When a Student is unable to start or continue his/her original International TEFL Academy course he/she can transfer into a course that begins on a new course start date or into a different TEFL Certification course that is offered by the International TEFL Academy. 

•    Student can transfer courses up to a maximum of 2 times. This includes transfers that occur before the course begins and after the course start date. 
•    Student must pay course transfer fee in order to reserve his/her spot in a new course.
•    Student who is unable to pass his/her online TEFL course or needs to withdraw for any reason will adhere to the transfer policy.


Student who is enrolled in the International TEFL Academy online TEFL class can transfer to another online TEFL Course hosted by International TEFL Academy. The following transfer terms apply:

•    No Transfer Fee - Transfer to another online TEFL Certification Course 15 days or more before the course Student is currently enrolled in.
•    $100.00 Transfer Fee – Transfer to another online TEFL Certification Course 14 – 1 days before the course Student is currently enrolled in.
•    $250.00 Transfer Fee – Transfer to another online TEFL Certification Course on or after course start date that Student is currently enrolled in.


Should Student cancel, withdraw or transfer enrollment from an International TEFL Academy class for any reason, Student must notify International TEFL Academy or TEFL Source in writing. Writing may be in the form of Email, Fax or Certified letter. If Student cancels his or her participation in any International TEFL Academy course, funds paid by Student to TEFL Source can be refunded only as set forth per the refund schedule of this course as outlined in the agreement.

If the course is postponed or delayed by International TEFL Academy the following terms apply:

•    Student will have the option to transfer into another International TEFL Academy class of equal or greater value. Student will not have to pay a course transfer fee. Should class Student is transferring into is of a greater value than course Student originally registered for, Student will have to pay the difference in course cost.
•    If a delay in the start of a course exceeds 14 days the Student may elect to receive a full course refund or transfer into a different TEFL course.


Student acknowledges and agrees that International TEFL Academy may record Student’s likeness or comments before, during or after a course offered by International TEFL Academy. Student consents to the use of Student’s likeness (whether photographed, filmed, and/or videotaped) and comments or any portion of such in any manner developed now or in the future. Student’s likeness or comments can be used without limitation, in marketing and promotional materials, advertising for television, radio, print or other media, and any other International TEFL Academy presentations. Student agrees that, in connection with such use, International TEFL Academy, and persons acting for or on behalf of International TEFL Academy, may identify Student and may identify Student’s first name, age, city and state/territory/other district or country of residence. Student releases, indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless International TEFL Academy, and persons acting for or on behalf of International TEFL Academy, from any liability for acts authorized under this section of this Terms and Conditions form.


TEFL Source is not the Course Provider; we work in partnership with the Course Provider as an authorized reseller of this certification course. TEFL Source does not rebrand or alter course specifics or particulars in any way. All courses displayed and sold on this website are ‘one and the same’ as the respective courses that are sold and displayed on the Course Provider’s website.    

Some of the personal information you submit during the payment and registration process will be shared with the respective Course Provider. The information we share is necessary for enrollment purposes. We do not share, sell or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to any outside parties other than the Course Provider that’s responsible for administering the Course you purchased. Information that is shared with your respective Course Provider includes your name, address, phone number and email. Under no circumstances are your credit card details shared with the Course Provider.  Please visit our ‘Privacy Policy’ page to learn how personal information is collected and protected.    


Please visit our Terms & Conditions page ( for complete policy information.

Course FAQ'S

International TEFL Academy

Yes. Please make sure you meet the prerequisites for this course before enrolling. Secondly, make sure to select a class schedule you can accommodate.

No. All course materials are included in the displayed enrollment price. There are some recommended, but optional, coursebooks available.

Yes. You must be 18 years of age or older on the date of enrollment.

Yes. Students must have citizenship from one of the following countries: American, Canadian, British, Irish, Australian, South African or New Zealand citizenship

Yes. We do offer some exceptions for highly qualified non-native speakers. Students should be fluent English speakers and we can provide an essay and interview to see if you might qualify to take this course.

Yes. Having previous teaching experience is not a prerequisite for this course.

Yes. Having a degree is not a prerequisite for this course, however, some countries, schools and teaching programs with only hire candidates with degrees.

11 weeks.

11 weeks plus an extra 60 days (if requested) to complete the teaching practice component.

Students may start the course again for a $250 fee. The number of students who fail this course is minimal because instructors are very proactive from start to finish.

Class sizes are limited to 20 students to ensure maximum professor/student correspondence.

Final grades for the TEFL/TESOL certification course will be based on the sum of the total points earned for each section of the course; Tasks, Peer Participation, Evaluations, Thematic Unit, and Practicum. Students must receive 560 or more points (70%) to pass this TEFL/TESOL course.

It will take about 4 to 6 weeks to receive the certificate in the mail without extra fee. You can request an official copy emailed to you right after passing the course as well.

Yes. ITA students receive lifetime job search guidance to assist them in navigating the international job market, gaining employment, and preparing to travel and live abroad. Job services include personal guidance from an experienced job search adviser, a comprehensive job search manual, school contact information, referrals to preferred recruiters and placement agencies, interview assistance and more. These services are lifetime.

You can begin applying for jobs through third parties at anytime. Some employers offer positions with the understanding that you are currently enrolled in a TEFL course that will be completed before the job contract begins. The International TEFL Academy can provide an enrollment verification letter if requested.


  • Highly recommend using TEFL Source if you want to get certified to teach English as a foreign language. I'm currently travelling in SE Asia so I wanted a course that I could work on from my ipad. TEFL Source had lots of great options and the prices were more competitive than other places I looked. I can't wait to start teaching now!Jon Sobolewski
  • Don't believe all the hype that's associated with CELTA and Trinity certification courses. My friend spent £2000 on his CELTA course while I spent $400 on a hybrid TEFL course, which was mostly online but included 20 hours of teaching practice, and we both have the same salary, benefits and working conditions in Japan! I'm quite satisfied with the deal I found on TEFL Source, definitely worth a look if you're planning on getting certified.S. Hyeong
  • I stumbled upon TEFL Source while I was researching the EPIK teaching program in South Korea. I didn't realize there were so many course types and companies out there. TEFL Source made it easy to browse through the different programs, although many aspects of the programs are comparable, and find a suitable course that included teaching practice. I'd tell you I'd use them again but I doubt I'll need another TEFL certification. All in all, a happy customer. Jenny Bae
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