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Course Summary

Grammar is used in everyday life and knowing it makes you a more confident teacher. It's vital for your TEFL career. This online course will also give you an additional certificate to add to your TEFL CV. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to brush up or learn grammar principals, even if you don't have any previous knowledge of English Grammar.

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The course will cover:

  • What is Grammar?
  • Key Reasons for Teaching Grammar
  • Designed for You
  • British/American English
  • Self-Correcting quizzes

Module 1: World Class/Part of Speech
  • 1.1 What are Word Classes/Parts of Speech?
  • 1.2 Word Classes can also be Classified
  • 1.3 Summary of the Word Classes
  • 1.4 Most common Words in Some Word Classes

Module 2: Verbs
  • 2.1 Present Simple Tense
  • 2.2 Past Simple Tense
  • 2.3 Future Simple Tense
  • 2.4 Present Perfect Simple Tense
  • 2.5 Past Perfect Tense
  • 2.6 Future Perfect Tense
  • 2.7 Present Continuous Tense
  • 2.8 Past Continuous Tense
  • 2.9 Future Continuous Tense
  • 2.10 Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  • 2.11 Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  • 2.12 Future Perfect Continuous Tense 

Module 3: Nouns, Pronouns and Determiners
  • 3.1 Nouns
  • 3.2 Different Types of Nouns
  • 3.3 Pronouns
  • 3.4 Determiners

Module 4: Adjectives and Adverbs
  • 4.1 Adjectives
  • 4.2 Adverbs

Module 5: Prepositions and Conjunctions
  • 5.1 Prepositons
  • 5.2 Conjunctions

Module 6: Auxiliaries, Modals and Conditionals
  • 6.1 Auxiliary Verbs
  • 6.2 Modal Verbs
  • 6.3 Conditional Forms

Module 7: Word Order and Sentences
  • 7.1 Word Order
  • 7.2 Sentence

Module 8: Tricky Stuff
  • 8.1 Idioms
  • 8.2 Collactions
  • 8.3 Direct and Reported/Indirect Speech
  • 8.4 Active/Passive Constructions
  • 8.5 Imperatives

Module 9: Phrasal Verbs - the Trickiest of All?
  • 9.1 What are Phrasal Verbs?
  • 9.2 The Difficulty with Phrasal Verbs
  • 9.3 The Characterisitics of Phrasal Verbs
  • 9.4 Teaching Phrasal Verbs

Module 10: Teaching Grammar
  • 10.1 Practice, Reflection and a Modern Approach
  • 10.2 Teaching Grammar in the Young Learners’ Classroom
  • 10.3 Teaching Grammar to “Younger” Young Learners
  • 10.4 Teaching Grammar to “Older” Young Learners
  • 10.5 Teaching Grammar to Young Adults and Adults


This certification is recognized by employers as a related teaching credential in a specialized area - English grammer. However, specialist courses that consist of less than 100hrs are not accredited.

TEFL Graduate provides top quality online TEFL training. Our courses will provide you will all the knowledge, skills and expertise you need to become a successful English teacher in a foreign country. We provide young people, who aspire to teach abroad, the chance to hone their skills and knowledge with the goal of helping them grow into successful English teachers. Furthermore, our services don't end once you've completed a course, we also assist with your job search. Our professional in-house recruiting team will guide you through the process of securing an overseas job that matches your preferences so you can begin teaching and travelling as soon as possible!

STEP 1:  Complete the registration form and pay course fees. 

STEP 2:  Receive an automated confirmation message and receipt. 

STEP 3:  Receive a course activation code with detailed login instructions.  You can access the course, submit assignments and message the course instructors anytime by logging into the student area.


This course is displayed and sold in USD. Your local currency price is displayed in addition to the USD sale price for reference purposes only. There are no additional fees, the displayed price includes all required course materials. The course fee must be paid in full before receiving course access and instructions.


There is a 14 day refund guarantee for this course, provided no course assignments were submitted for marking or grading. Students who have already submitted completed assignments for marking or grading will not be eligible for a refund.  If you would like to apply for a refund please write to us by email and your refund will be issued as soon as possible [within 15 business days].


This course requires proficient English speaking, reading & writing skills. Non-native speakers should have B2 level proficiency in the English language. If you are not sure of your English Language level then please schedule a free consultation session with one of our advisors.


TEFL Source is not the Course Provider; we work in partnership with the Course Provider as an authorized reseller of this certification course. TEFL Source does not rebrand or alter course specifics or particulars in any way. All courses displayed and sold on this website are ‘one and the same’ as the respective courses that are sold and displayed on the Course Provider’s website.

Some of the personal information you submit during the payment and registration process will be shared with the respective Course Provider. The information we share is necessary for enrollment purposes. We do not share, sell or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to any outside parties other than the Course Provider that’s responsible for administering the Course you purchased. Information that is shared with your respective Course Provider includes your name, address, phone number and email. Under no circumstances are your credit card details shared with the Course Provider. Please visit our ‘Privacy Policy’ page to learn how personal information is collected and protected.


Please visit our Terms & Conditions page (https://teflsource.com/page/terms-of-use) for complete policy information. 

Course FAQ'S

TEFL Graduate

No. You can enroll and begin this course at any time.

No. All course materials are included in the displayed enrollment price.

No. Refer to the next FAQs for other prerequisites.

It depends on your English speaking level of proficiency. If you have a B2 level (Common European Framework) in the English language then you are eligible to enroll in this course.

Yes. Having previous teaching experience is not a prerequisite for this course.

Yes. Having a degree is not a prerequisite for this course, however, some countries, schools and teaching programs with only hire candidates with degrees.

This course takes most trainees 3-6 weeks to complete.

You have 6 months to complete the course.

Should a student fail to meet the required marks, TEFL Graduate reserves the right to fail them. No refunds are possible in situations where a trainee has failed the course.

To successfully pass the courses, students are required to complete 3 assignments and a final exam. The pass mark is 70%. (70-79% = C // 80-89%= B // 90-100%= A).

Once you have submitted your final exam and all assignments have been graded by your Tutor, your online certificate will be available to download immediately. Your certificate will only be available if you have achieved a final grade of A, B or C. There is a small fee for a hardcopy of the TEFL certificate. Requesting a hardcopy is completely optional. Note: Electronic TEFL / TESOL certificates are widely accepted by most overseas schools and employers.

Yes. We have an in-house recruitment team that will help you find a teaching position in your preferred locations.

You can apply for a job after the course is completed. Some employers will offer you a position with the understanding that you successfully complete the course. If you need a letter confirming that you have enrolled in our course, we will gladly provide one for you.


  • So far so good! Enrolled in a 120hr course last week and already completed the first 2 modules. Kudos to the TEFL Source staff for walking me through the different options and taking the time to explain what I needed, and what I didn't for that matter, in order to teach over in Korea.Rhea Csergei
  • Overall I'm quite satisfied with my experience with TEFL Source. They're not the end providers of the courses but they do offer lots of useful information, more than other sites I was checking, and their staff was quick to respond to my onslaught of questions! Also saved some money on the course I wanted which was good for my wallet :) Anton G.
  • Highly recommend using TEFL Source if you want to get certified to teach English as a foreign language. I'm currently travelling in SE Asia so I wanted a course that I could work on from my ipad. TEFL Source had lots of great options and the prices were more competitive than other places I looked. I can't wait to start teaching now!Jon Sobolewski
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